IHMN Custom Company: Suicide Squad

With the upcoming Suicide Squad film based on DC’s long Running comic-book series stirring up a lot of excitement in fans, myself included, and Craig’s great Dark Knight company over on the In Her Majesty’s Name blog I though some of you reading may enjoy the Suicide Squad added to the world of IHMN.

Check out the Dark Knight Company here:


And Dispatches from the Rim’s Joker/ Man Who Grins Company here:


Department X, known in intelligence circles as the Suicide Squadron, is Britain’s most secretive unit. Composed of the foulest criminals, mercenaries and physcopaths otherwise rotting in Her Majesty’s highest security prisons. Most face the hangman’s noose and this desperation, combined with their unique skills makes The Squadron an elite force for “dirty jobs” that more gentlemanly units would refuse to have any part in. At the head of Department X is the mysterious master of espionage, Amadeus Waller. More ruthless than any member of the squad she orchestrates operations like a genius composer and plays people like a puppet master.

Richard Flag

Richard Flag, former Captain in the Royal Marines, from good stock and with an excellent military record. Flag is the one loyal member of the Squadron. He has control over the explosives strapped to each member in order to ensure their “obedience” to Waller and the Department. While he loathes the scum of the earth he commands he recognises their usefulness to the Empire.

The Inspirational talent represents the fear that his fellow Squadron members have of him and his control over the bombs strapped to each of them.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Richard Flag 2+ +3 +3 +0 Leadership +2, Inspirational Brigandine, Military Rifle, Combat Knife, Explosive Grenade x2 66



Floyd Lawton is a peerless rifleman. After working as a big game hunter Lawton desired more challenging pay and within 3 years he was known across the world as an assassin by hire for criminals from Saigon to San Francisco. Waller tracked him down in Paris after he killed the French foreign minister. He uses a Krupp-Browning sniper normally reserved for Prussian Jaegers.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Marksman 3+ +2 +5 +0 Leadership +1, Marksman, Hunter Brigandine, Hunting Rifle, Combat Knife, Monocular Targeting Array 68


May replace Hunting Rifle with hand-blasters (18” range, +3 bonus, -1 pluck modifier) (-7pts)


Harlene Quinzel probably belongs in an asylum far from the company of sane folk but she is willing to do anything and possesses acrobatic skills that have make her both a deadly infiltrator and almost impossible for enemies to pin down.

Tumble is included in the Cirque De Tenebrae list available at the below address:


Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Jester 3+ +3 +2 +1 Unearthly Beauty, Martial Artist, Tumble Lined Coat, Night-Stick, Sawn-off Shotgun, Brick Lane Bottle Grenade 47


When Tatsu Yamashiro closes with the enemy she becomes a deadly spinning blur of blades and limbs. It is a foolish enemy indeed who attempts to go hand to hand with her. Dark rumours abound about the swords supernatural properties. It is even rumoured that it steals the souls of those it kills. Yamashiro of course, silent as ever, will not say either way.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Samurai 4+ +3 +0 +2 Duellist, Lightning Draw Lined Coat, Sabre, Sabre 29



Afflicted with a disease that causes his skin to resemble scales and his teeth to become a mass of nashing blades Crocodile or Croc to the other members of the squad has spent much of his early life in freak-shows across the world. He has the strength of five men and the ferocity to match. Whether he is actually a cannibal or whether these are myths spread by Waller to intimidate enemies is unknown. Either way enemies best not get too close…

The chain shirt reflects his toughened skin and the steam claw his enhanced strength.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Crocodile 4+ +3 +0 +0 Tough Chain Shirt, Steam Claw 35



June Moore is a British enchantress with terrifying mystical powers and an unstable character to boot. While erratic and often unreliable when she is operating at full potential few enemies can withstand her brutal magical attacks. She exhibits symptoms of split personality and can be a danger to her own team if she makes too heavy use of her dangerous and corrupting powers.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Witch 5+ +2 +2 +0 Terrifying, up to 30 points of mystical powers Brigandine, Quarterstaff 22+

May take a pistol (+3pts)


A revolutionary in Mexico, Chato Santana is as fanatical a fighter as they come. He also possesses pyrokinetic powers bending fire to his will and using it against his enemies. Possessed of devout Christian faith, he is often the moral compass to the otherwise immoral Suicide Squad. He believes each enemy of the Empire he kills brings him closer to redemption for the crimes he committed as a revolutionary.

Icy Blast represents the powerful flaming attacks the Devil can perform

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Devil 4+ +2 +2 +0 Fanatic, Icy Blast Pistol, Sabre 33

May replace Pistol with Shotgun or Sawn off shotgun (+2pts)

Department X operative

This profile represents the ever changing supporting members of the Squadron and the more mundane soldiers sent to supervise the squadron.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Operative 5+ +2 +2 +0   Brigandine, Carbine, Club 15

May take any 5pt talent (+5pts)

May replace carbine with shotgun (+0pts) or a military rifle (+4pts)

May replace club with sword (+2pts) or large axe (+3pts)

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  1. That is a great list! And thanks for the shout-out to “Dispatches.”

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