In Her Majesty’s Name Company- S.P.E.C.T.R.E

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I lasted posted but with GCSE coursework due in left right and centre the last month or two has been somewhat hectic. Anyway with Bond 24 on its way (needless to say I’m physically tingling with excitement) I think this is as good a time as any to release an unofficial company I’ve been working on recently for IHMN, SPECTRE, 1895.

The Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, known in the Intelligence community as SPECTRE, is renowned even in a world of organised crime, colonial ambition and fanatical cults for its peerless brutality, power and ambition. Recruited from the world’s premier crime syndicates including the Yakuza and Mafia as well as espionage agencies such as the Okrana and even the Grey Section, with a governing council of 21 of the most brutal criminals, spies and terrorists in the world and countless henchmen, assassins and agents in every country on the globe SPECTRE is truly global. Every year each of the 21 leaders makes a fortune from the numerous criminal enterprises, rackets and operations it carries out. But despite this honour is central to the organisation’s success its draconian rules are enforced with ruthless efficiency.

At its heart is number one, a man unmatched in his criminal genius, manipulative ability and appetite for revenge. He thinks nothing of murdering even his closest followers if they fail to meet his rigorous standards. He has crossed swords with the finest minds in the intelligence community and won, always escaping almost certain death and reappearing stronger than ever before. He is refrained and in person unassuming capable of walking down a street practically unnoticed before personally strangling a traitor with his own bare hands. While not physically strong he has mastered several martial arts and is a fine shot preferring to use a low calibre pistol and shoot into the eye socket; something he has mastered over his criminal “career”. He is surrounded by capable and equally brutal supporters.

One such individual is the cruel former Okhrana interrogator Rosa Klebb. A squat and surprisingly physically strong woman who is completely without mercy or humanity. She takes an unhidden pleasure in the art of murder and is famous for slowly draining the resolve of those unfortunate enough to be captured alive by her until they desperately reveal every drop of information they possess to her. She uses a rare French submachine-gun, the Leclerc, as well as a shoe concealing a vicious knife.

Helga Brandt, beautiful, alluring and deadly is a celebrated SPECTRE agent famous within the organisation for becoming mistress to powerful leaders and businessmen before murdering them by hand and then transferring their assets to SPECTRE. Formerly of the Society of Thule the Grand Master himself has put a reward on her head for leaving the organisation and joining SPECTRE.

Although many of SPECTRE’S henchmen lack the skills of professional soldiers they are well equipped, devious and far more fearful of failing their tyrannical masters than anything the enemy possesses. Most wear a common colour or even matching uniforms preferring short ranged but powerful shotguns and other such weapons. Many use Krupp Browning 1882 12 gauge shotguns and carry a range of barbaric close combat weapons including axes and cleavers.

Many SPECTRE operatives keep large Doberman-Mastiff cross breed hounds for protecting their estates and disposing of trespassers. They are released in battle and act as fast moving troops racing down the enemy flanks and savagely attacking all who they come across.

PL FV SV SP Talents Equipment Pts
Number 1 2+ +2 +3 +0 Ld+2, martial artist, erudite whit, hunter, terrifying, mesmerism Pistol, garrotte, brigandine 73
Rosa Klebb 4+ +2 +3 +1 Ld+1, tough, fanatic Submachine gun, whip, brigandine, combat knife 40
Helga Brandt 4+ +2 +1 +1 Ld+1, unearthly beauty Pistol, combat knife, brigandine 29
Henchman 5+ +1 +1 +0 Tough Shotgun, axe, brigandine 20
Hitman 5+ +1 +2 +0 Hunter Hunting rifle, combat knife 31
Doberman-Mastiff 5+ +2 +0 +0 Combat knife, lined coat 9


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This is Frontline Armchair signing off.

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2 Responses to In Her Majesty’s Name Company- S.P.E.C.T.R.E

  1. Very nice, but what about CHAOS and Control agents (including robots)? 🙂

  2. I’m sure they’re just biding their time waiting to release whatever megalomaniacal plan they’ve got up their sleeves!

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