Army Project- Monsters of the Steppes


The 1st Dacian Guard Tankovy under Leytenant Hajek with their newly acquired T-34/85’s

The first unit I’ve painted up for this project are a trio of the lethal T-34 85’s that evened out the battle against Germany’s big cats such as the panther and tiger. All the models are from the great value for money Plastic Soldier Company T34 set which allows you to build the 76 or 85 model.


Leytenant Hajek in his personal tank known to enemy forces as “the green death” for his unrivalled tally of victories

The models couldn’t be simpler to put together, they practically click together without glue. I’d advise gluing down the turrets as they can be very loose if you don’t. Sadly they don’t follow the games workshop design of turret attachment which simultaneously allows for movement and the turret actually staying in place. Still the idea with this kit was clearly to provide cheap, accurate and nice looking tanks for the busy (or just plain lazy) war gamer. On this level I’m happy to say that this ergonomic set most certainly achieves. Also, rather brilliantly, unlike a lot of Airfix tanks they a 1/72 as opposed to 1/76 scale. Although the difference really is minor the 1/72 scale T-34s just seem to have more of a presence on the board than the slightly smaller 1/76 versions.


This picture hopefully demonstrates the superb level of detail that the PSC kit contains

I’ve seen a few people level criticisms at the PSC tanks for being a little light and even flipping over easily but for a tank on the smaller side in comparison to Tigers of IS-2s they seem very stable, solid kits. I really can’t overstate just what good, dependable kits they are. For war gamers I think it’s hard to find a better value for money set of T-34’s on the market. Now what PSC needs to do is expand the range. A few more Soviet vehicles would be especially welcome. Personally I’d love to see a few ZIS-5’s in 20mm…

Thanks for reading

This is Frontline armchair signing off.

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