Army Project 2015- 20mm WW2 Soviets

This year I intend to build a 20mm Soviet army for use with the classic WRG Armour and Infantry 1925-50 rule-set. I’m using the truly fantastic Plastic Soldier Company Soviets and the plan is to keep you good people reading updated with the progress of the force and hopefully (if I can work that benighted camera) a few pictures of painted minis. As with all my war gaming I’m much more interested in playability and having fun than historical accuracy so it’s fairly unlikely you’ll find me complaining if a Gymnasterka’s buttons are a quarter of an inch too close together. For my purposes I’ve created a fictional rifle regiment, the 12th Dacian rifles. My aim is to style them after the Latvian rifles i.e. a regular rifle regiment composed largely of foreign troops loyal to the Soviet Union. I hope you enjoy the first part. Feel free to post up ideas, constructive criticism and tips in the comments section below. To stay up to date with posts follow via wordpress or Twitter @Armchair1999.

Thanks for reading.

This is Frontline Armchair signing off.

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