IHMN South America List 6: The National Guardia Republique

At the forefront of Lopez’s war against the revolutionaries that threaten his regime are the tough men of the National Guardia Republique. With the training of the regular army and the loyalty of the Inner Circle, the Guardia are a formidable fighting force and the downfall of several would be revolutionaries.

The Guardia was established in 1818 after General Carlo Vencedor seized power. It has survived several regime changes since that point and even succeeded in ending the brief war with Cordillera over the Gran Bajo region with a single brutal advance on the capital and the execution of President Santa Victor. Across a hundred battlefields the forces of the Guardia have been victorious. Grit and determination mixed with a healthy dose of firepower have triumphed over the enemies of the state time and again.

The Guardia’s Officers are all from the wealthy landowning families that support the regime. Many of them have ancient military traditions and all are graduates of the Military Academy National in Val Verde. They lead from the front often carrying sabres ornately encrusted with precious stones and decorated with gold leaf which have been in their families for several generations. Every officer is a proficient duellist as well as a shrewd tactician. The Crocodile King who leads the Que’echa revolutionaries had his supposed invincibility disproven when three captains of the Guardia charged him with pistols and sabres drawn. He sustained serious injury to his left arm and still bears a long cut down the right side of his abdomen where Captain Corazon Destello caught him with his knife. For this action, and the subsequent rout of the Que’echa revolutionaries in the back alleys of Val Verde, Destello was awarded the Honour Cross for Gallantry and the Order of Lopez.

The armourer of the Guardia is a brilliant German-American scientist Helmut Sprodt who fled the United States Research Centre in California after stealing the designs for the Tesla Magnetic Propulsion Weapon and the biochemical agent designated Subject 166. He is utterly without morals and more than 600 “enemies of the state” have disappeared into his laboratories. Horrific rumours exist of new weapons of death and destruction on a massive scale being developed in his base at the old fortress of Salvadore.

The Guardia troops are recruited from the Urban middle classes who have benefited from Lopez’s program of industrialization. They are all tough, practical men who are used to obeying orders and support the regime loyally. Most carry the Krag Jorgensen or Martini Henry rifles that are seen in the hands of regular troops but the Leclerc Patent Submachine gun is not unpopular thanks to its compact size and incredible rate of fire for such a small weapon.

The lancer battalion of the Guardia are the coldest men of a unit that breeds coldness. They infamously put to the lance more than 1000 rioters during the great famine of 1885, including many women and children driven half mad by hunger. They are more heavily armed than standard trooper and are often used as an elite flanking troop to protect their more slow moving allies.

The Guardia also possess twelve Gatling guns as surplus stock from the US army and three old British Steam tanks including Scotland Yard’s recently retired Hamlet, The predecessor to the currently serving Ophelia.

PL FV SV SP Talents Equipment Pts
Captain Corazon Destello 2+ +4 +2 +1 Ld+2, fearless, duellist Steel Breastplate, sword, pistol 65
Sergeant Marona 3+ +2 +3 +0 Ld+1, hunter, bayonet drill Steel Breastplate, military rifle, bayonet 46
Guardia Captain 3+ +3 +3 +0 Ld+2, iron will, duellist, up to 2 additional talents Chain Shirt, sword, pistol 44+
Guardia Sergeant 3+ +2 +2 +0 Ld+1, tough Brigandine, axe, military rifle 36
Guardia 4+ +2 +2 +0 Bayonet Drill Lined coat, Military Rifle, bayonet 10
Helmut Sprodt 4+ +0 +2 -1 Engineer, erudite whit, strongman Brigandine, arc cannon, arc generator 53
Lancer 4+ +2 +2 +0 Berserker, cavalryman Steel Breastplate, lance, pistol 38



Two Guardia may group together to form a machine gun team, they replace their military rifles with a pistol (+20pts)

Any Guardia or sergeant may replace their military rifle with a shotgun (-4pts) or a carbine (-4pts)

One Guardia may replace their military rifle with a nock gun (-2pts), a flamethrower and the strongman talent (+7pts) or a flare pistol (-3pts)

Captain Destello, Sergeant Marona, a Guardia captain or a Guardia sergeant leading lancers may take a horse (+5pts). A Guardia captain or sergeant who has purchased a horse may take the cavalryman (+3pts) or trick riding talent (+5pts)

Sprodt may replace his arc cannon with a Subject 166 sample (+4pts)

Name SV Bonus Range Pluck modifier Notes Cost
Subject 166 -1 18” -3 Ignores armour, attacks as grenade all enemies within 3” at +3, shoots every other turn 15


The Perry miniatures civil war line contains a number of useful miniatures. I imagine the Guardia as looking like the early federal militia from the excellent range. A command set has just been released with a rather dashing looking officer and a tough sergeant which could well fit Destello and Marona respectively. If you require a greater range several World War One Belgian ranges wearing Shakos would be pretty good and probably fit in with the Perrys as well. Many ranges feature machine gunners as well.

This is something of a last minute post that I’ve just managed to squeeze in before Christmas Eve. I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and I’ll hopefully write again before the new year. Thanks for reading.

This is Frontline Armchair signing off.

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