IHMN South America: List 4- Society of Thule Expeditionskorps

General Hector Muchava is a political survivor. He has survived two coups with his position and fortune virtually intact. He does, however loathe Lopez and his regime and has begun plotting to seize power for himself. To this end he has enlisted the aid of the Society of Thule and Prussian ambitions in South America. Now an elite group of commandos use his vast estate to launch attacks across the Americas.

Muchava, on a supposedly pleasurable tour of Europe visited several European courts, including France, Austria-Hungary and Ruritania. He was met with the same lack of interest in each until he arrived in Prussia. Kaiser Wilhelm was enthusiastic about the project and ordered the immediate creation of an expeditionary force to fly to San Pedrona post haste. It was pure coincidence that, at the same time, a particularly brutal commander was landing on German soil once again after almost 25 years on the Dark Continent.

Kurt Kramer, whose actions in German West Africa has earned him the nickname “Metzger”, butcher, is perhaps the most evil man to currently walk on this earth. Since his sixteenth birthday he has proven himself unmatched in the fields of oppression, fear and cruelty serving with first the Prussian army then the Society of Thule. Kramer was also useful for his unusual heritage, he was born in Morocco to a Spanish mother and was only German by his father’s blood. This meant that his actions were entirely unaccountable to the Kaiser.

Kramer was immediately despatched to gather his commando squadron. From Marseilles to Rome to Budapest to Istanbul he searched until sixty foreign mercenaries were ready for transport to San Pedrona. These men were ruthless and skilled to a man, experts in combat, firearms and subterfuge. They were given non-descript beige uniforms along with all manner of disguises and flown by stealth zeppelin to Muchava’s estate.

Their first operation was the destruction of a ship acting as a communications post for the American Secret Service that was resting in the docks of Val Verde. Using a stolen yacht they pulled up alongside and leapt on board. Most of the crew were massacred and only the captain was spared. He was taken back to the estate for interrogation. After three and a half hours Kramer extracted every drop of information and reported it straight back to his masters in Prussia.

What followed was a stream of sabotages, raids and kidnappings across the Americas. Occasionally the force carry out a mission for Muchava and it is in small increments that the power hungry general is working his way up the political tree until he is ready to make his bid for power.

Kramer’s second in command, a Cameroonian tribesman known only as Tree, is a hulking presence on the battlefield. He uses a large spear and shield in battle along with an archaic muzzle loading rifle engraved with all manner of tribal patterns. He speaks little but is unsurpassed at close ranges or at tracking his prey.

“Dr” Paso, a Spanish-Cuban mercenary is an expert with explosives. He blends shamanic rituals with modern grenades and bombs to create a truly destructive formula. It is Paso who is responsible for the spate of bombings and sabotages that have plagued Texas in recent years. Paso holds a particular hatred for American soldiers as his parents were killed by rogue US troops in Cuba.

Francois “Biggs” Harfleur is a machine gun expert recruited from the Force Publique. He uses a stripped down Vickers machine gun loaded with softheaded “dum-dum” rounds for maximum damage.

Patrick O’Connell is an Irish criminal is on the run from the Ulster Constabulary after six violent armed robberies. He has an almost supernatural aim with two pistols and wears a Patent Kelly Suit bought from an underworld dealer in London.

Philippe Kateb was recruited from the docks of Marseilles by Thule agents and requested a transfer to Kramer’s commando unit. He is of Berber stock and strong as an ox. His gift with horses in particular has often been admired and he has become adept at rustling San Pedrona’s small mountain horses for transport.

The other troops are from a variety of sources ranging from dissident Bosniaks to French Foreign legion deserters. They are largely equipped with German equipment and San Pedronan uniforms. They have recently battled the Guardia Republique and various Enforcement units while on internal missions, sowing the seeds of anarchy for their sponsor, Muchava.


PL FV SV SP Talents Equipment Pts
Kurt Kramer 2+ +4 +1 +2 Erudite wit, Ld+3 Bullwhip, SRC breastplate, Pistol 63
Tree 3+ +3 +3 +0 Tough, Ld+1, Impervious Brigandine, shield, sword, muzzle loading rifle 44
“Dr” Paso 4+ +2 +0 +0 Engineer, grenadier, Dragon breath mystical power Brigandine, Shotgun, bomb, combat knife, 2x explosive grenades 57
Harfleur 4+ +3 +2 +0 Strongman, hunter, marksman Brigandine, machine gun, combat knife 56
O’Connell 5+ +3 +1 +0 Gunslinger Patent Kelly Suit, two pistols 67
Kateb 5+ +2 +3 +0 Cavalryman, stealthy Brigandine, military rifle, large axe 32
Expeditionskorps Kommando 5+ +2 +2 +0 Bayonet drill Brigandine, military rifle and bayonet 22



Any member of the company may take a horse (see bestiary, Heroes Villain and Fiends)

Any Kommando may take the fanatic talent (+5pts), marksman (+5pts) or tough (+5pts)

One Kommando in a company may swap their military rifle and bayonet drill for the hunter talent and hunting rifle (+10pts)

One Kommando in a company may be upgraded to a sergeant by swapping bayonet drill, brigandine and military rifle for a breastplate, +1 leadership and a carbine (+4pts)


Any figures representing German troops in West Africa would be perfect for the majority of troops in this company. In Britain tiger miniatures have a complete range for World War 1 which would still be brilliant for the period covered in IHMN. You could most certainly make use of any troops from the end of the 19th century as the idea behind the Expeditionskorps is composed of varied military personal, particularly French Foreign legion troops from sources such manufacturers as Artizan. Perry Civil war figures are great for representing troops in San Pedronan uniforms as you’ll see when I release the San Pedrona Army list.

Thanks for reading and as always sorry for the delays. I’ll hopefully return to the world of vintage thrillers to produce a post or two as I’ve been somewhat neglectful of that side of things recently. I’m also in the stages of writing a “why I love” article about Dr Sin and contemplating a piece on the Chaco War. Plus I’ll review the finale of the excellent peaky Blinders Series 2 and the first few episodes of both Gotham, the Flash and Season 2 of Agents of Shield. Good go that’s a lot to do.

This is Frontline Armchair signing off.

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