The Enforcement Unit

As San Pedrona is dragged into a seething cauldron of human wrath, Lopez and his supporters desperately attempt to retain power. The dictator’s favoured response is the only thing he truly understands, force of arms. While the small National Guardia Republique can relatively easily guard against descent in areas of settlement they are too thinly spread to counter resistance in the small villages and jungle that form the basis of San Pedrona.

It was as Garcia led his peasant revolution in a broad sweep across rural San Pedrona that Lopez visited his Interior Minister Cauzo. Cauzo, a veteran of the Val Verde Police Force and the revolution that installed Lopez, was on a knife edge. After the successes of the various rebel groups arrayed against the regime Cauzo’s position as a member of the inner circle looked decidedly unstable. He called together his brightest commanders and spent a straight 36 hours planning a new organisation to combat the spate of revolutionaries.

Within a week’s time a motley assortment of street toughs, soldiers, sailors and police men were arrayed for inspection on Cauzo’s estate. There, veteran troops from the border trained them in the arts of terror, violence and brutality.

After six weeks of training 6,000 troopers swore allegiance to Lopez and the regime as the creation of the Enforcement Unit was announced in Val Verde. Travelling by Zeppelin to major provincial towns the black uniformed Enforcement troopers set up headquarters across San Pedrona and set to work.

Foreign newspapers were alight with tales of brutal raids on villages. Crops were burnt, houses pillaged and able bodied men pressganged. Small 20 man bands of troopers roamed the countryside spreading their message of terror wherever they went. Garcia’s army saw a major fall in recruitment as people became too afraid to join the revolution.

Cauzo was awarded the Presidential Decoration and was knighted for his services to the state. Lopez smiled on his minister’s work and increased the levels of conscription for the Enforcement Unit. Current membership stands at almost 10,000.

Most famous among these is the company of Capitan Revona. This squadron has become the arch enemy of Garcia and his army after their repeated success in the East of San Pedrona. The normal unit consist of fifteen handpicked troops. They are primarily armed with spiked clubs and Reichsrevolvers supplied by the Prussian army. Some also carry the licence built Krag Jorgensen rifles. Revona himself favours a Webley captured from Captain Napier of the Prince of Wales Extraordinary Company. He also uses a particularly brutal and unpleasant close combat weapon, the rostrum of a Sawfish. This 4 foot long strip of bone is lined on either side by a row of viciously sharp teeth that can gut and mutilate opponents with each swing. Revona has strengthened it himself with strips of steel and has butchered many enemies with the formidable and unusual weapon.

His second in command, Sargento Cuchillo, is a street tough from Val Verde. From his earliest memories he has been a knife thrower capable of amazing feats of accuracy with his characteristic all steel blades. He is half Que’echa and left his circus home when he was fifteen. By the time he was twenty he had carved out a bloody reputation as an enforcer and hit man for the gangs that run the city’s brutal streets. He was forcibly recruited but enjoys the chance to hone his aim and makes full use of his freedom to loot and pillage as he sees fit.

The raiders are responsible for destruction of rebellious villages and the burning of farms that fail to pay the required taxes. They are equipped with torches and even surplus grenades from the Army Research Institute.

PL FV SV SP Talents Equipment Pts
Captain Revona 3+ +4 +4 +0 Ld+2, berserker, terrifying, tough Two handed sword, carbine, pistol, brigandine 69
Sargento Cuchillo 4+ +2 +4 +1 Ld+1, Marksman Throwing knife, combat knife, brigandine 43
Captain 3+ +3 +3 +0 Ld+2 Sword, pistol, brigandine 32
Sargento 4+ +2 +2 +1 Ld+1, tough Carbine, bullwhip, brigandine 26
Enforcer 5+ +1 +1 +1 Tough Club, brigandine, pistol 17
Doberman-Mastiff 4+ +3 +0 +2 Tough Teeth (combat knife), Hide (lined coat) 20
Raider 4+ +1 +2 +1 Tough Flaming torch, brigandine 19





An Enforcer may be upgraded to a soldier by swapping his pistol and the tough talent with a military rifle (+1pts)

A Doberman-Mastiff may be given leather armour (Upgrade to Brigandine) (+1pts)

A raider may take up to three grenades (any type) (+6pts per grenade)


Although they’re large and have a rather nautical look the very finely made War-machine Pressgang might be worth a try. Companies such as foundry produce some lovely Victorian thugs which would also fit in very well with an Enforcement company. I imagine them to be a motley bunch of criminals and second line soldiers so a real mixture of uniforms is fine, search your lead pile and see what you can find. The other source is some of the brilliant Perry Civil War miniatures, the more ragged the better.

Sorry this has taken so long to get posted up but I hope it’s worth the wait. There’s plenty more to come so as always, watch this space.

This is Frontline Armchair signing off.

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