The Best Superhero TV Series ever?

I’ve recently discovered the CW series Arrow. So far I’m on the 15th episode and it’s fair to say that I’m hooked. If you like the dark knight trilogy, as I did, then I think it’s pretty certain you’ll like this. Just like Christopher Nolan’s films the show has a no superpowers theme that manages to draw you into the story better than the whiter than white superman type heroes. Steven Amell plays green arrow, or as he is known in the show “The Hood”. Perhaps this is case in point for the whole series.

The characters are really interesting because every one of them is flawed to some extent. The most fascinating moments can occur both when Arrow is in costume and when he is Oliver Queen. His family are unusual because unlike members of the heavily diminished Wayne clan they seem to be pretty repellent people. Having the hero potentially deal with his own family just as if they were other criminals in the city obviously creates huge tension between his hero persona and his secret identity.

The cast are very effective as well. I must admit to not having heard of any of them but it’s a wonder they don’t get more work. After all these characters are not easy people to portray, they’re not 2D black and white heroes and villains. In Starling city everyone is a varying shade of grey. Add to the fact that Oliver Queen is a far deeper character than Bruce Wayne, who, at the end of the day, is a sort of perfect hero who never does the wrong thing.

As the question mark hopefully suggests I’m not entirely certain what is the best superhero TV series. I do love arrow but, in quite a different way, I also love Marvel’s Agents of Shield. These two shows are so very different in style but both hold myriad pleasures for those interested enough to watch them and both would rank among my top five TV shows.

Marvel’s agents of Shield has a premise I love. Normal humans who have to deal with superheroes. That being said the show took a while to get going. The first part of the series was a decidedly mixed bag but the as the second part dawned it suddenly burst into brilliant life and it became genuinely unmissable. The highlight for me was the superb episode set in Nevada featuring a cast of Asgardians. Lady Sif’s appearance in this episode made us long for more crossover from the movies and really marked a change in style for the series. From there on every superb twist and turn had me wishing the week would move along a little quicker as the constant tension building drama of the programme increased another notch.

Like arrow the cast are quite superb but it was the storyline’s overarching structure that really made Agents of Sheild a pleasure to watch. I won’t spoil any of the twists but it is brilliant and completely unpredictable.

As I write this the Gotham TV show is on the horizon and judging from the trailer I have high hopes. Commissioner Gordon has always been a favourite character of mine so the idea of a series about him is pretty good. I’m also interested to see how the programme makers utilise the young versions of popular batman supervillains. All in all an intriguing prospect.

I know this post is pretty short but I would be interested to know if any regular readers mind me deviating from the usual themes. If you’ve enjoyed this post be sure to follow Frontline Armchair and keep reading. I’m afraid I’ll be away from my computer for a couple of weeks but I can promise a bulk load of posts as soon as I get back. Thanks for reading this and I hope you take a look again in a little while.

This is Frontline armchair signing off.

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