Blofeld’s Return?

With Bond film number 24 now on the horizon the endlessly debated question that crops up whenever a new Bond film is announced returns, who will be the villain? Of course, in all likelihood a new and unusual villain will be selected, as happened in Skyfall. However, even though I’ve only really lived through the “Craig era”, I can’t help but hope a slightly more serious take on one of Bond’s repertoire of classic villains is utilised. After all was M’s response to the oversight committee on having to face individuals rather than countries not the perfect opening for the villain known as number 1 of the SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

I do, of course, refer to Ernst Stavro Blofeld; that singularly evil villain responsible not only for repeated attempts to conquer the world but also the vicious murder of Tracy Bond. Of course my generation’s image of Blofeld is somewhat marred by the emergence of the hilarious Dr Evil. How then, you may ask, can EON seriously consider bringing him back without making him a figure of fun? What is necessary is a reimagining of what is, at heart, a genuinely sinister villain who would make a superb, modern criminal. Remove the old fashioned and over the top parts of the character; the implausible layers, the mad schemes. Instead keep the cunning, sadistic cruelty of the character, the utter ruthlessness, the cold stare.

Of course this is all speculation; EON will never resurrect a past villain. But they can produce a character with the same flair as Javier Bardem’s techno terrorist in Skyfall; he really was a classically mad villain worthy of any Fleming novel. By the way having recently read the comic adaptation of Colonel Sun, I was very impressed. Has anyone thought about producing a film based on it? I’ve already started work on a review of the third edition of the James Bond Comic omnibus, watch this space.

This is Frontline Armchair signing off.


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