Heroes, Villains and Fiends review

Heroes, Villains and Fiends review

Heroes, Villains and Fiends is the first supplement for the Steampunk war-game In Her Majesty’s Name. The primary aim of this book is to provide additional company lists for Europe (the old world), North America (the new world) and Africa (the dark continent). A further supplement to cover Asia (the orient) will be released shortly.

As anyone who has read my earlier review of IHMN will know I really like the original rule set and this supplement does add additional depth to the game. The highlight for me were the gargantuan background sections that served to expand the IHMN universes while leaving players freedom to create their own lists. The company lists provided are a genuinely good spark for other ideas and open up new possibilities.

In addition to the lists are the equipment and bestiary sections. The equipment section provides six brand new weapons. In particular the lance which was obviously missing from IHMN will be useful for those planning to create a cavalry heavy company. The incense burner also seems interesting as (I think) it can be used as both a close combat and ranged weapon. The flare pistol which was presented in the guide on how to produce your own company on the IHMN blog is also present.

The bestiary section features rules for a whole host of regular and more unusual animals, ranging from rhinos to demons. Again this section adds new potential to IHMN. I particularly like the special rule for the constrictor snake.

The talents section again features some new and interesting talents. However I think the greatest mistake so far made by the authors was the decision to price the ungodly Impeccable Planning talent at only 15 points, I’ve personally banned it in my games as it is a genuine game spoiler.

The final section covers backward compatibility and allows the already produced pre created lists to take advantage of the new talents and equipment.

In all Charles Murton and Craig Cartmell have produced another fine book that’s well worth the reasonable price tag. The one improvement would be the addition of colour and a few pictures but these are only small considerations. I am wondering if we’ll see any South American lists appearing as there is currently a noticeable lack of them. In all well worth a read. When I last checked the book was on special offer on Amazon so now may be the time to get hold of one.

This is Frontline armchair signing off.

HVF cover

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2 Responses to Heroes, Villains and Fiends review

  1. Craig says:

    Thanks for the review. The amount of internal illustration was a decision by Osprey as they didn’t have the budget to commission new artwork or include more colour photos.

  2. Glenn says:

    The lack of South/Central American Companies indeed was noted but that means you and I (and others) need to step up to the bar and create/share them.



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