The Napoleon of Blackmail- Charles Augustus Milverton

The Napoleon of Blackmail

While Professor James Moriarty is undoubtedly the most well-known Sherlock Holmes Villain, he is not the only interesting adversary of the great detective. In my opinion the pinnacle of villainy is embodied by another character, Charles Augustus Milverton, referred to by Holmes as the “King of Blackmail”. Milverton is slimy, sinister and above all dangerous, everything an enemy of Holmes should be. Indeed for once Holmes shows a genuine hatred of Milverton and is willing to go to any lengths to end the “career” of a man he considers to be worse than any murderer he has encountered.

While I was considering what to base my In Her Majesty’s Name Company I heard The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Instantly I became fascinated by this sinister character who even managed to anger the usually sanguine Holmes. After this I also saw the Sherlock adaptation of the book which starred the marvelous Lars Mikkelsen, of Borgen fame, as the villain.

The following company for In Her Majesty’s Name is based on the character. It is entirely unofficial. For more IHMN information check out the official website at:

Company list

Charles Aurelius Morrow is London’s premier blackmailer who has used his considerable intellect to gain complete control over the very highest rungs of society.

He is ably assisted by his deputy Carson, a former soldier who was cashiered for competing in an illegal bareknuckle boxing competition.

Two unusual members of Morrow’s company are “Lady” Emsworth and “Captain” Carruthers. In reality these two are criminals who Morrow uses to gain the confidence of unsuspecting aristocrats.

The Company is supported by a solid core of Morrow’s personal bodyguards, hordes of lightly armed and poorly trained enforcers and several fearsome Doberman-Pincher hounds that act as Morrow’s guard dogs for his considerable estate on Hampstead heath. Occasionally the company may even be supported by a machine gun purchased from one of the many illicit arms dealers around the London Docklands.


Charles Aurelius Morrow- 55pts

PL- 3+, FV- +3, SV-+3

Equipment- Shotgun, chainmail, rapier

Talents- Ld+2, Blackmail*, Terrifying

*Blackmail- Roll a D6 at the beginning of the game. This will determine how many times Morrow may use this talent in a game. In order to blackmail Morrow must move into base to base contact with a player from the opposing team. This figure may not be the company leader (model with the highest leadership value) or have a pluck of 2+. In addition the figure he is attempting to bribe must be at least 6” from the company leader. If all these criteria are met Morrow must pass his pluck test and the opposing player must fail their test. If this happens the target figure immediately departs the engagement. If Morrow fails to blackmail the target figure he must engage in combat with them and the usual rules for being attacked by a terrifying enemy apply to the blackmail target.


Carson- 34pts

PL- 4+, FV- +3, SV- +3

Equipment- Military rifle, brigandine, bayonet

Talents- Ld+1, Martial artist, Bayonet drill


Lady Emsworth

PL- 5+, FV- +2, SV- +3

Equipment- Two pistols, brigandine, nightstick

Talents- Gunslinger


Captain Carruthers- 19pts

PL- 5+, FV- +3, SV- +2

Equipment- Sawn off Shotgun, sword, brigandine



Bodyguard- 22pts

PL- 4+, FV- +2, SV- +2

Equipment- Military rifle, brigandine, bayonet

Options- May replace military rifle with a shotgun (-4pts), a carbine (-4pts) or a hunting rifle (must take hunter talents as well) (+12pts)


Gunner- 46pts

PL- 4+, FV- +2, SV- +3

Equipment- Machine gun, brigandine, bayonet

Talents- Strongman


Enforcer- 14pts

PL- 5+, FV- +2, SV- +3

Equipment- Pistol, nightstick, brigandine

Options- May replace pistol with a sawn of shotgun (+2pts), a carbine (+2pts), a shotgun (+2pts)

May replace nightstick with rapier (no points change but make take duelist (+5pts)) or great axe (+3pts)


Mastiff- 11pts

PL- 5+, FV- +3, SV- +0

Equipment- Fangs (combat knife), fur (brigandine)

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2 Responses to The Napoleon of Blackmail- Charles Augustus Milverton

  1. Craig says:

    An interesting crew you have there. I expect that they shall be quite competitive.
    What cost have you given to the Blackmail Talent?

    • I’m afraid the competitive nature of the list is a remainder from my time playing Warhammer 40000.
      I cost the talent at 10pts as I thought this seemed relatively fair and that talents in the rulebooks all seem to be in multiples of five. Do you think the points cost is fair, I’ve not play tested the rule yet but I’ll see when I’ve played a few games with the company.
      Thanks for the comment
      Frontline armchair

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