Osprey’s new games division

The military history publisher Osprey have just announced on their blog that they are going to open a new department specifically dedicated to producing table top, card and board war-games. This follows the recent success of its war-games series.  Having read Osprey books for over 8 years this is pretty exciting. I have a couple of their war-games series and they are without doubt some of the best value for money war-games on the market that offer an unusual mix of affordability and high quality that we associate with the Osprey brand.

The fact that Osprey are now going to have a dedicated games developer hopefully means that even more of these superb products are going to be released. In particular the fact that Osprey do not solely focus on the mainstream topics that are generally covered by other war-games companies. This change to Osprey organisation appears to be a good thing for both the worlds of military history and war-games. I hope that the new Osprey games department keeps up the high standards of its parent company.

The link to the original Osprey blog post is included below:


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