White Dwarf- New edition

For some 4 years now I have been a subscriber to White dwarf. Over this time the quality has varied considerably but over the last year under the editorship of Jes Bickham it has been at its very best. However imagine my shock when I opened the White Dwarf package expecting to find another issue of the magazine we know and love. Instead there was the slim white dwarf weekly; a 32 page “magazine”. The price per page has more than doubled and it is no longer available on subscription, completely discriminating against those who do not live near a store. Not only this but many of the best features have been moved across to Warhammer: “visions”. If you can even get past the pretentious name then you are confronted by 228 pages of catalogue style advertisements for various GW products. There is virtually no text in “visions”, just 10 word captions. There are maybe 30 words a page and 20 of these aren’t in English! What you have is a product that costs £2 more a month. To get White Dwarf once a month did cost £5.50 and for this you got an impressive 156 pages. To get White Dwarf Weekly costs £2.50 a week for 32 pages. Per month this equates to 128 pages for £10. Warhammer: “visions” 227 pages for £7.50. This sounds okay until you factor in that each page is A5 not A4 like the original White Dwarf. Suddenly this squat product looks a lot less of a good deal.

In all, Games Workshop need to revert back to the original system. This is a clear attempt to squeeze money out of customers and give them a sub-par product in return. They need to get their act together and start listening to customers or they will lose subscriptions as quickly as the Orks lose gretchin.

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3 Responses to White Dwarf- New edition

  1. Haydn Simper says:

    Very intriguing

  2. Craig says:

    White Dwarf has been dwindling in usefulness for several years now and this is the final nail in the coffin. They are just starting a manic release schedule that requires a weekly magazine to promote.
    The schedule is based on their need to raise a lot of money quickly and make themselves an attractive takeover target. There are rumours that Hasbro might be eyeing them up…

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