2015 in review

Sorry its been so long since I lasted posted but I’m afraid real life and too much school work have combined to make posting more than a little erratic this year. Hopefully 2016 will see more regular uploads. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the posts that did make an appearance this year and I’d like to thank everyone who read, commented, liked and generally joined in with the blog. I’m really pleased with how the readership has grown and wish you all a very happy 2016!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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IHMN Custom Company: Suicide Squad

With the upcoming Suicide Squad film based on DC’s long Running comic-book series stirring up a lot of excitement in fans, myself included, and Craig’s great Dark Knight company over on the In Her Majesty’s Name blog I though some of you reading may enjoy the Suicide Squad added to the world of IHMN.

Check out the Dark Knight Company here:


And Dispatches from the Rim’s Joker/ Man Who Grins Company here:


Department X, known in intelligence circles as the Suicide Squadron, is Britain’s most secretive unit. Composed of the foulest criminals, mercenaries and physcopaths otherwise rotting in Her Majesty’s highest security prisons. Most face the hangman’s noose and this desperation, combined with their unique skills makes The Squadron an elite force for “dirty jobs” that more gentlemanly units would refuse to have any part in. At the head of Department X is the mysterious master of espionage, Amadeus Waller. More ruthless than any member of the squad she orchestrates operations like a genius composer and plays people like a puppet master.

Richard Flag

Richard Flag, former Captain in the Royal Marines, from good stock and with an excellent military record. Flag is the one loyal member of the Squadron. He has control over the explosives strapped to each member in order to ensure their “obedience” to Waller and the Department. While he loathes the scum of the earth he commands he recognises their usefulness to the Empire.

The Inspirational talent represents the fear that his fellow Squadron members have of him and his control over the bombs strapped to each of them.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Richard Flag 2+ +3 +3 +0 Leadership +2, Inspirational Brigandine, Military Rifle, Combat Knife, Explosive Grenade x2 66



Floyd Lawton is a peerless rifleman. After working as a big game hunter Lawton desired more challenging pay and within 3 years he was known across the world as an assassin by hire for criminals from Saigon to San Francisco. Waller tracked him down in Paris after he killed the French foreign minister. He uses a Krupp-Browning sniper normally reserved for Prussian Jaegers.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Marksman 3+ +2 +5 +0 Leadership +1, Marksman, Hunter Brigandine, Hunting Rifle, Combat Knife, Monocular Targeting Array 68


May replace Hunting Rifle with hand-blasters (18” range, +3 bonus, -1 pluck modifier) (-7pts)


Harlene Quinzel probably belongs in an asylum far from the company of sane folk but she is willing to do anything and possesses acrobatic skills that have make her both a deadly infiltrator and almost impossible for enemies to pin down.

Tumble is included in the Cirque De Tenebrae list available at the below address:


Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Jester 3+ +3 +2 +1 Unearthly Beauty, Martial Artist, Tumble Lined Coat, Night-Stick, Sawn-off Shotgun, Brick Lane Bottle Grenade 47


When Tatsu Yamashiro closes with the enemy she becomes a deadly spinning blur of blades and limbs. It is a foolish enemy indeed who attempts to go hand to hand with her. Dark rumours abound about the swords supernatural properties. It is even rumoured that it steals the souls of those it kills. Yamashiro of course, silent as ever, will not say either way.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Samurai 4+ +3 +0 +2 Duellist, Lightning Draw Lined Coat, Sabre, Sabre 29



Afflicted with a disease that causes his skin to resemble scales and his teeth to become a mass of nashing blades Crocodile or Croc to the other members of the squad has spent much of his early life in freak-shows across the world. He has the strength of five men and the ferocity to match. Whether he is actually a cannibal or whether these are myths spread by Waller to intimidate enemies is unknown. Either way enemies best not get too close…

The chain shirt reflects his toughened skin and the steam claw his enhanced strength.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Crocodile 4+ +3 +0 +0 Tough Chain Shirt, Steam Claw 35



June Moore is a British enchantress with terrifying mystical powers and an unstable character to boot. While erratic and often unreliable when she is operating at full potential few enemies can withstand her brutal magical attacks. She exhibits symptoms of split personality and can be a danger to her own team if she makes too heavy use of her dangerous and corrupting powers.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Witch 5+ +2 +2 +0 Terrifying, up to 30 points of mystical powers Brigandine, Quarterstaff 22+

May take a pistol (+3pts)


A revolutionary in Mexico, Chato Santana is as fanatical a fighter as they come. He also possesses pyrokinetic powers bending fire to his will and using it against his enemies. Possessed of devout Christian faith, he is often the moral compass to the otherwise immoral Suicide Squad. He believes each enemy of the Empire he kills brings him closer to redemption for the crimes he committed as a revolutionary.

Icy Blast represents the powerful flaming attacks the Devil can perform

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Devil 4+ +2 +2 +0 Fanatic, Icy Blast Pistol, Sabre 33

May replace Pistol with Shotgun or Sawn off shotgun (+2pts)

Department X operative

This profile represents the ever changing supporting members of the Squadron and the more mundane soldiers sent to supervise the squadron.

Name PL FV SV SP Talents/powers Equipment Pts
Operative 5+ +2 +2 +0   Brigandine, Carbine, Club 15

May take any 5pt talent (+5pts)

May replace carbine with shotgun (+0pts) or a military rifle (+4pts)

May replace club with sword (+2pts) or large axe (+3pts)

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Frostgrave: A review

The Nickstarter products from the new Frostgrave ruleset arrived a couple of weeks ago. The hardback rulebook published by Osprey contains everything you need to play the game and today we’ll have a look inside.

What is Frostgrave?

Frostgrave is a fantasy skirmish game in which wizards and their hired warbands enter a long-lost frozen city. It’s published by Osprey and combines roleplaying aspects and small-scale skirmish wargaming rules in an interesting fusion. For any specialist games fans out there a lot of people are hailing this as a new Mordheim. Northstar Wargames Emporium have produced a range of models, including their first original plastic kit, to accompany the ruleset.


As those who have experienced Osprey’s historical stuff will know Osprey’s presentation of their books is by and large peerless. Thankfully Frostgrave follows the same high standards. Even the outside of the book is fantastic with some great cover art and a really solid hardcover format. Inside the book is stacked with full-page art of the various wizards and plenty of eye-candy combining the new metal wizard miniatures and various medieval plastics. The artwork by Dmitry Burmak deserves special mention, it really helps to bring the frozen city alive. I just hope Osprey give him more work I know I’d love

The Warbands

The warbands consist of a wizard and up to ten hired allies. Most players will choose to have a second magic user alongside their wizard, the apprentice. Your wizard must choose to belong to a particular school and this governs what spells he can access. I liked how you don’t have to only pick one type of spell and can choose spells from several other schools. The rest of your warband consists of normal troops such as thugs and more specialist troops like knights and barbarians.

The rules

The game uses an unusual phase system in which players take it in turn to carry out actions for their wizards before either player plays the rest of their troops. The game’s combat and shooting system is nice and simple although the multiple combat section was more than a little confusing. I felt the rules themselves were very streamlined and well thought out. There was a rather refreshing retro feel to some rules with the book not trying to cover every single occurrence and encourage the players to come up with their own house rules. The 20 sided dice used also encourage the old-style D&D RPG game feeling.


I’ve not played Frostgrave yet but having had a thorough read through I’m really impressed with a well put together rule-set. Like the majority of Osprey’s rule-sets it’s streamlined and allows room for the player’s imagination. It also feels like the author, Nick over at Northstar and Osprey itself have all really invested in the rules. In November the first expansion, Thaw of the Lich King is due so hopefully a really interesting set of rules will only get more interesting. Have a read of them…

You can find out more on the Osprey website:


To get the miniatures, head over to Northstar:


The Lead Adventure page is also a great source of information on the game:


This is Frontline Armchair signing off.

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In Her Majesty’s Name company- Murphy Trading Corporation

Murphy and co. of Crowblood street is one of London’s most successful trading companies. It runs half of the warehouses on West India Wharf and another dozen on Steam and Orchard Wharves. There warehouses are famous for rigorous security and the rumours of uncountable riches contained within. The company has an unrivalled team of lawyers who keep Murphy’s security teams out of jail when their actions extend beyond their ostensible brief of non-lethal force. If this was the limit of their actions then other powers within the city would be happy enough but the fact is that few companies rise to the position Murphy’s has reached by playing by the rules. A delve into the highly confidential company archives would reveal a stream of top secret memos to trusted members of company security that have ordered everything from intimidation of rivals to the assassination of anarchist leaders in Brick Lane.

Silas Murphy is as cold and heartless a man as you could ever hope not to meet. Any morals that were once in his heart have long been replaced by an all-consuming greed and constant feelings of jealousy and loathing towards anyone that has anything he does not. He pays most of his workers a meagre wage and drives them as hard as any employer in the city. Many who labour in his warehouses and docks are desperate, pitiable people who have no other to turn to. In his old age Silas has become more bitter than ever. His sight is beginning to fail him and he becomes more haggard by the day. It is rumoured that all his wealth is stored in a great steel safe beneath his house in Kensington. He is a miser of the first degree and famed, even in London, for his peerless brutality and ruthless efficiency.

Uriah Larkham, known almost universally in the underworld as Rufus, is a former army soldier who was dishonourably discharged for beating a junior officer to death with a riding crop. He made a comfortable living as a vicious enforcer for a number of criminal bosses including Abel Caine before coming into Murphy’s employ. He accompanies Silas everywhere and has shown a level of initiative beyond the average thug. In 1891 he blew out the eye of Inspector Abercrombie with a revolver but all judges who have attempted to bring the matter to court have mysteriously disappeared…

Niels Van Daken does not resemble a typical assassin; he is quiet and unassuming in the extreme. Perhaps that is the reason that more than 30 assorted politicians, trouble makers and leaders have been sent to meet their makers by a bullet from Van Daken. He always prefers a long distance kill, normally with a rifle and is constantly accompanied by his associate and spotter, Lars, a mute KNIL veteran with a grudge against Lord Curr from his time in Istanbul.

Jasper “Hanging” Lynch is Murphy’s confidential assistant. He wields a gun or knife as easily as he does a pen and despite appearing outwardly to be nothing more than a clerk he has been responsible for a number of murders including the Kensington Strangulation case which resulted in his nickname “hanging” Lynch.

Raphael “Shifty” Luca is London’s foremost getaway driver for the criminal underworld. Alongside his almost preternatural skill with a hansom cab he can fight and shoot as well as any thug in the East End. His favoured weapons are a Richards & co. double barrelled shotgun and an Italian stiletto, normally made of tempered steel. In recent years he has taken on the role of chauffer for Murphy and his uniformed figure on the front seat of his new employer’s characteristic black coach is enough to frighten any sensible man in London.

The majority of Murphy’s men are unemployed former soldiers and sailors. They are given virtual free reign and most are never officially recorded as company employees, making their actions completely unaccountable. They are given better pay than most because while Silas may be a miser he is also a shrewd tactician and aware that in big business muscle is often the last word in “assimilating” competition.

PL FV SV SP Talents Equipment Pts
Silas Murphy 2+ +2 +3 +0 Ld+2, erudite wit, terrifying Magneto-static waistcoat, nightstick, shotgun (short) 53
Uriah “Rufus” Larkham 3+ +4 +3 +1 Ld+1, tough, lightning draw Pistol, garrotte, 2x brick lane bottle grenades 56
Nils 4+ +2 +4 +0 Hunter, marksman Faraday coat, military rifle, axe 43
Lars 5+ +2 +2 +1 Grenadier Faraday coat, sabre, pistol, 3x explosive grenades 40
Raphael “shifty” Luca 5+ +3 +1 +2 Duellist Chain shirt, dagger, throwing knife 24



Thug 5+ +2 +1 +1 Brigandine, pistol, club 13



Any thug may replace their pistol with a shotgun (+2pts), a military rifle (+6pts) or a carbine (+2pts).

Luca may take his characteristic black steam hansom (+12pts)

Any thug may take a single bottle land grenade (+6pts)

Larkham, Murphy and/ or any thug may take a horse (+5pts)

Nils may replace his military rifle with a hunting rifle (+7pts)

Lars may replace his pistol with a carbine (+2pts)


This company was based on some Musketeer IRA figures which are great miniatures but strangely also buggers to paint. Silas Murphy needs a classic Dickensian style villain miniature if there are any out there. Although a little out of period the Sir John Fielding miniature from Outpost Wargames Services has just the right miserly hunched position and cane.

Thanks for reading.

This is Frontline Armchair signing off…

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Why I love… The Spider: The First Comic-Book Antihero

My dad has, for many years, collected classic Eagle, Lion and Tiger annuals going right back to the late 1950’s. These feature many memorable and still enjoyable characters, even for a modern audience, such as Dan Dare, Heros the Spartan and many others. However there is always one which will stick in my mind more than any other and that is the amoral super “hero” known as the Spider. Although he began his career as a criminal he eventually joined the forces of good. With a huge range of fiendish gadgets, weapons and transportation he battled myriad evil-doers between 1965 and 1969.

What makes the character so interesting is that he is what we would today call an “archetypal” anti-hero. Afflicted by greed, envy, pride and any other sins you care to mention and possessed by an all-consuming obsession with his public image he was often motivated to fight threats to the world simply to prove he was superior to anyone else. Yet this was the 1960’s, 20 years before the “iron age” of comics would bring such anti-heroes as the Punisher to the fore. He was, perhaps, the first comic book anti-hero, years ahead of his time in showing superheroes to not be the whiter than white chivalrous beings of the golden age but instead as real, flawed humans. In many ways he is almost “Holmesian”, only taking on super-villains and criminals he feels will test him and stimulate his all peerless mind. Indeed the only reason he switched from law-breaking to law enforcement was because he considered fighting villains to be more of a challenge than fighting heroes.

The Spider’s costume, for a British created character, was also very forward featuring the combination of spandex style jumpsuits and gadgetry that would become the norm for superheroes right up until the present day but was practically unprecedented in British comics at the time. Another aid to the Spider’s own distinctive persona was the unique look of the character with upswept “Spock-like” eyebrows and Elvish pointed ears. Here was a character with an appearance very different to the standard image of a superhero at the time as some sort of “Western Ideal”, not handsome and ripped like a Superman clone but unusual and almost freakish, especially when contorted into that arrogant smirk which so often played across the Spider’s face as he put an end to a criminal’s career or berated his two long suffering accomplices.

A case in point is my favourite Spider story featured in the 1969 Lion annual, The Spider vs the Red Baron. Not only is the artwork on top form showing him in his best looking black jumpsuit as opposed to the very peculiar yellow colour scheme occasionally used on reprint covers (I mean come on Fleetway this is the King of Crooks were talking about here not rip-off “Mr Zero”) but the writing is so tight and centred on the storyline. The simple reason for this is the storyline has to be crammed into 8 black and white pages so there isn’t exactly much room for unnecessary extra side-line plots. We have one classic member of the Spider’s rogues gallery, a Luftwaffe reject with an airship, jets, bombs and deadly missiles galore, the titular Red Baron, plenty of Pulpy goodness with gadgets that somehow feel both crazy and real at the same time. This is probably the best Spider story to get started with if you can track down a copy of the annual over on Ebay or as a lucky find in a second hand book store.

Something else I should mention is that the writer of the bulk of Spider stories were written by, well, only the creator of SUPERMAN! That’s right Jerry Siegel, co-creator of the Last Kryptonite was primary writer for stories featuring the Spider and his flair for extraordinary villains such as the Automaton King and the Executioner can be seen throughout.

And this perhaps is the secret to the success of The Spider, the British Comic industry of the 60’s with its penchant for realistic war stories full of heroism but very much grounded in a factual world, smashed together with American comics featuring extraordinary characters, villains and settings. This mixture created something very modern and very original. All this of course goes towards making The Spider a whole lot of fun, something too many comics miss these days…

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In Her Majesty’s Name Company- S.P.E.C.T.R.E

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I lasted posted but with GCSE coursework due in left right and centre the last month or two has been somewhat hectic. Anyway with Bond 24 on its way (needless to say I’m physically tingling with excitement) I think this is as good a time as any to release an unofficial company I’ve been working on recently for IHMN, SPECTRE, 1895.

The Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, known in the Intelligence community as SPECTRE, is renowned even in a world of organised crime, colonial ambition and fanatical cults for its peerless brutality, power and ambition. Recruited from the world’s premier crime syndicates including the Yakuza and Mafia as well as espionage agencies such as the Okrana and even the Grey Section, with a governing council of 21 of the most brutal criminals, spies and terrorists in the world and countless henchmen, assassins and agents in every country on the globe SPECTRE is truly global. Every year each of the 21 leaders makes a fortune from the numerous criminal enterprises, rackets and operations it carries out. But despite this honour is central to the organisation’s success its draconian rules are enforced with ruthless efficiency.

At its heart is number one, a man unmatched in his criminal genius, manipulative ability and appetite for revenge. He thinks nothing of murdering even his closest followers if they fail to meet his rigorous standards. He has crossed swords with the finest minds in the intelligence community and won, always escaping almost certain death and reappearing stronger than ever before. He is refrained and in person unassuming capable of walking down a street practically unnoticed before personally strangling a traitor with his own bare hands. While not physically strong he has mastered several martial arts and is a fine shot preferring to use a low calibre pistol and shoot into the eye socket; something he has mastered over his criminal “career”. He is surrounded by capable and equally brutal supporters.

One such individual is the cruel former Okhrana interrogator Rosa Klebb. A squat and surprisingly physically strong woman who is completely without mercy or humanity. She takes an unhidden pleasure in the art of murder and is famous for slowly draining the resolve of those unfortunate enough to be captured alive by her until they desperately reveal every drop of information they possess to her. She uses a rare French submachine-gun, the Leclerc, as well as a shoe concealing a vicious knife.

Helga Brandt, beautiful, alluring and deadly is a celebrated SPECTRE agent famous within the organisation for becoming mistress to powerful leaders and businessmen before murdering them by hand and then transferring their assets to SPECTRE. Formerly of the Society of Thule the Grand Master himself has put a reward on her head for leaving the organisation and joining SPECTRE.

Although many of SPECTRE’S henchmen lack the skills of professional soldiers they are well equipped, devious and far more fearful of failing their tyrannical masters than anything the enemy possesses. Most wear a common colour or even matching uniforms preferring short ranged but powerful shotguns and other such weapons. Many use Krupp Browning 1882 12 gauge shotguns and carry a range of barbaric close combat weapons including axes and cleavers.

Many SPECTRE operatives keep large Doberman-Mastiff cross breed hounds for protecting their estates and disposing of trespassers. They are released in battle and act as fast moving troops racing down the enemy flanks and savagely attacking all who they come across.

PL FV SV SP Talents Equipment Pts
Number 1 2+ +2 +3 +0 Ld+2, martial artist, erudite whit, hunter, terrifying, mesmerism Pistol, garrotte, brigandine 73
Rosa Klebb 4+ +2 +3 +1 Ld+1, tough, fanatic Submachine gun, whip, brigandine, combat knife 40
Helga Brandt 4+ +2 +1 +1 Ld+1, unearthly beauty Pistol, combat knife, brigandine 29
Henchman 5+ +1 +1 +0 Tough Shotgun, axe, brigandine 20
Hitman 5+ +1 +2 +0 Hunter Hunting rifle, combat knife 31
Doberman-Mastiff 5+ +2 +0 +0 Combat knife, lined coat 9


If you enjoyed this feel free to like or comment with suggestions and don’t forget you can also follow me on Twitter @Armchair1999. You may want to check out a load of other IHMN content by simply clicking on the In Her Majesty’s Name tag on the tag cloud to your right. As always thanks for reading.

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Army Project- Monsters of the Steppes


The 1st Dacian Guard Tankovy under Leytenant Hajek with their newly acquired T-34/85’s

The first unit I’ve painted up for this project are a trio of the lethal T-34 85’s that evened out the battle against Germany’s big cats such as the panther and tiger. All the models are from the great value for money Plastic Soldier Company T34 set which allows you to build the 76 or 85 model.


Leytenant Hajek in his personal tank known to enemy forces as “the green death” for his unrivalled tally of victories

The models couldn’t be simpler to put together, they practically click together without glue. I’d advise gluing down the turrets as they can be very loose if you don’t. Sadly they don’t follow the games workshop design of turret attachment which simultaneously allows for movement and the turret actually staying in place. Still the idea with this kit was clearly to provide cheap, accurate and nice looking tanks for the busy (or just plain lazy) war gamer. On this level I’m happy to say that this ergonomic set most certainly achieves. Also, rather brilliantly, unlike a lot of Airfix tanks they a 1/72 as opposed to 1/76 scale. Although the difference really is minor the 1/72 scale T-34s just seem to have more of a presence on the board than the slightly smaller 1/76 versions.


This picture hopefully demonstrates the superb level of detail that the PSC kit contains

I’ve seen a few people level criticisms at the PSC tanks for being a little light and even flipping over easily but for a tank on the smaller side in comparison to Tigers of IS-2s they seem very stable, solid kits. I really can’t overstate just what good, dependable kits they are. For war gamers I think it’s hard to find a better value for money set of T-34’s on the market. Now what PSC needs to do is expand the range. A few more Soviet vehicles would be especially welcome. Personally I’d love to see a few ZIS-5’s in 20mm…

Thanks for reading

This is Frontline armchair signing off.

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Army Project 2015- 20mm WW2 Soviets

This year I intend to build a 20mm Soviet army for use with the classic WRG Armour and Infantry 1925-50 rule-set. I’m using the truly fantastic Plastic Soldier Company Soviets and the plan is to keep you good people reading updated with the progress of the force and hopefully (if I can work that benighted camera) a few pictures of painted minis. As with all my war gaming I’m much more interested in playability and having fun than historical accuracy so it’s fairly unlikely you’ll find me complaining if a Gymnasterka’s buttons are a quarter of an inch too close together. For my purposes I’ve created a fictional rifle regiment, the 12th Dacian rifles. My aim is to style them after the Latvian rifles i.e. a regular rifle regiment composed largely of foreign troops loyal to the Soviet Union. I hope you enjoy the first part. Feel free to post up ideas, constructive criticism and tips in the comments section below. To stay up to date with posts follow via wordpress or Twitter @Armchair1999.

Thanks for reading.

This is Frontline Armchair signing off.

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2014 in review

Happy New Year everyone, the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog!

Have a great 2015!

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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IHMN South America List 6: The National Guardia Republique

At the forefront of Lopez’s war against the revolutionaries that threaten his regime are the tough men of the National Guardia Republique. With the training of the regular army and the loyalty of the Inner Circle, the Guardia are a formidable fighting force and the downfall of several would be revolutionaries.

The Guardia was established in 1818 after General Carlo Vencedor seized power. It has survived several regime changes since that point and even succeeded in ending the brief war with Cordillera over the Gran Bajo region with a single brutal advance on the capital and the execution of President Santa Victor. Across a hundred battlefields the forces of the Guardia have been victorious. Grit and determination mixed with a healthy dose of firepower have triumphed over the enemies of the state time and again.

The Guardia’s Officers are all from the wealthy landowning families that support the regime. Many of them have ancient military traditions and all are graduates of the Military Academy National in Val Verde. They lead from the front often carrying sabres ornately encrusted with precious stones and decorated with gold leaf which have been in their families for several generations. Every officer is a proficient duellist as well as a shrewd tactician. The Crocodile King who leads the Que’echa revolutionaries had his supposed invincibility disproven when three captains of the Guardia charged him with pistols and sabres drawn. He sustained serious injury to his left arm and still bears a long cut down the right side of his abdomen where Captain Corazon Destello caught him with his knife. For this action, and the subsequent rout of the Que’echa revolutionaries in the back alleys of Val Verde, Destello was awarded the Honour Cross for Gallantry and the Order of Lopez.

The armourer of the Guardia is a brilliant German-American scientist Helmut Sprodt who fled the United States Research Centre in California after stealing the designs for the Tesla Magnetic Propulsion Weapon and the biochemical agent designated Subject 166. He is utterly without morals and more than 600 “enemies of the state” have disappeared into his laboratories. Horrific rumours exist of new weapons of death and destruction on a massive scale being developed in his base at the old fortress of Salvadore.

The Guardia troops are recruited from the Urban middle classes who have benefited from Lopez’s program of industrialization. They are all tough, practical men who are used to obeying orders and support the regime loyally. Most carry the Krag Jorgensen or Martini Henry rifles that are seen in the hands of regular troops but the Leclerc Patent Submachine gun is not unpopular thanks to its compact size and incredible rate of fire for such a small weapon.

The lancer battalion of the Guardia are the coldest men of a unit that breeds coldness. They infamously put to the lance more than 1000 rioters during the great famine of 1885, including many women and children driven half mad by hunger. They are more heavily armed than standard trooper and are often used as an elite flanking troop to protect their more slow moving allies.

The Guardia also possess twelve Gatling guns as surplus stock from the US army and three old British Steam tanks including Scotland Yard’s recently retired Hamlet, The predecessor to the currently serving Ophelia.

PL FV SV SP Talents Equipment Pts
Captain Corazon Destello 2+ +4 +2 +1 Ld+2, fearless, duellist Steel Breastplate, sword, pistol 65
Sergeant Marona 3+ +2 +3 +0 Ld+1, hunter, bayonet drill Steel Breastplate, military rifle, bayonet 46
Guardia Captain 3+ +3 +3 +0 Ld+2, iron will, duellist, up to 2 additional talents Chain Shirt, sword, pistol 44+
Guardia Sergeant 3+ +2 +2 +0 Ld+1, tough Brigandine, axe, military rifle 36
Guardia 4+ +2 +2 +0 Bayonet Drill Lined coat, Military Rifle, bayonet 10
Helmut Sprodt 4+ +0 +2 -1 Engineer, erudite whit, strongman Brigandine, arc cannon, arc generator 53
Lancer 4+ +2 +2 +0 Berserker, cavalryman Steel Breastplate, lance, pistol 38



Two Guardia may group together to form a machine gun team, they replace their military rifles with a pistol (+20pts)

Any Guardia or sergeant may replace their military rifle with a shotgun (-4pts) or a carbine (-4pts)

One Guardia may replace their military rifle with a nock gun (-2pts), a flamethrower and the strongman talent (+7pts) or a flare pistol (-3pts)

Captain Destello, Sergeant Marona, a Guardia captain or a Guardia sergeant leading lancers may take a horse (+5pts). A Guardia captain or sergeant who has purchased a horse may take the cavalryman (+3pts) or trick riding talent (+5pts)

Sprodt may replace his arc cannon with a Subject 166 sample (+4pts)

Name SV Bonus Range Pluck modifier Notes Cost
Subject 166 -1 18” -3 Ignores armour, attacks as grenade all enemies within 3” at +3, shoots every other turn 15


The Perry miniatures civil war line contains a number of useful miniatures. I imagine the Guardia as looking like the early federal militia from the excellent range. A command set has just been released with a rather dashing looking officer and a tough sergeant which could well fit Destello and Marona respectively. If you require a greater range several World War One Belgian ranges wearing Shakos would be pretty good and probably fit in with the Perrys as well. Many ranges feature machine gunners as well.

This is something of a last minute post that I’ve just managed to squeeze in before Christmas Eve. I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and I’ll hopefully write again before the new year. Thanks for reading.

This is Frontline Armchair signing off.

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